How Wonderwerk helped Modern Luxury certify 250+ employees across 22 markets in one week



1 week



Completion rate

22 markets

2 x faster time to market


Modern Luxury rolled out a new go-to-market strategy and needed to: 
1. Ensure all employees understood brand and product positioning
2. Could communicate the company’s elevator pitch
3. Sales members were ready to run client presentations


Creating a company-wide pitch certification program with in-depth training for the sales and marketing teams


95% of employees certified within 1 week
Aligned sales team to deliver consistent pitches and presentations across 22 markets
Improved product understanding and positioning across entire organisation

Creating an effective narrative and digital training certification program. Company-wide. Fast.

Modern Luxury, the largest luxury media company in the US, was expanding its digital footprint and needed to make sure all its employees could communicate the brand narrative in a consistent way and understand Modern Luxury's digital offerings.

With nearly 300 employees and a sales team with 100+ members distributed across 22 markets, Company President Mike Pallad and Raquel Cadourcy, Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), wanted wanted to ensure all employees, and especially sales team members, were up to speed as quickly as possible.

Wonderwerk allowed them to do just that.

“We are on the forefront of digital and needed to empower employees to deliver a consistent brand message. Wonderwerk helped us achieve that goal.”

Mike Pallad, President, Modern Luxury


Wonderwerk: an intuitive platform with pre-built templates and assessments

Instead of building out an internal evaluation system, Pallad and Cadourcy used Wonderwerk’s features and assessment templates to put together the narrative and digital certification programs. This eliminated the need to spend time on delivering the training content and guiding employees through the certification process.

“One of the great things about the platform is that various assessments can be easily developed and assigned to corresponding training blocks.

The Wonderwerk platform is very simple, but also has many robust capabilities
, including the ability to load various types of content and host various types of assessments, enabling unique training experiences.”

Mike Pallad, President, Modern Luxury

Running the company-wide certification program on Wonderwerk also helped Modern Luxury save time on evaluating assignments: managers could simply log in and quickly review recorded pitches, rate them, and provide specific feedback.

Cadourcy estimates that it would have taken at least twice as long to set up and run the pitch certification program without Wonderwerk.


Unified messaging for all Modern Luxury employees — and a consistent brand narrative for all sales teams

Within the platform, Modern Luxury Media created 2 sets of trainings:

1. A company-wide pitch certification for all teams
2. In-depth modules on digital training for sales and marketing teams

Company-wide certification: 95% completion rate for the first program

With the company-wide certification, Modern Luxury set the bar high, requiring program participants to do live recordings right out of the gate. But Pallad and Cadourcy knew their employees were up for the challenge: 95% of staff completed the certification within 1 week after it went live.

“It was extremely easy to build out the blocks using Wonderwerk's platform, upload our content, and generate the corresponding assessments.

It was very intuitive for both team members completing the assessments, and for managers who were reviewing those assessments to provide ratings and feedback.

What's also great about the platform is that it allows our team members to complete assignments based on their own schedule.

Ultimately, however, running the training through the platform allowed the team to comprehend, digest and practice the information more effectively, which I believe had the biggest impact on their ability to ultimately deliver.”

Raquel Cadourcy, CMO, Modern Luxury

In-depth pitch certification: helping sales team members perfect their elevator pitch

After the company-wide pitch training was completed, Modern Luxury Media ran an in-depth training for its sales and marketing teams, covering digital offerings. In this training, Modern Luxury Media took the best parts of existing onboarding training programs from its 22 offices, and updated them. Now all the sales teams had access to the same training, allowing them to follow a consistent brand narrative.

“Overwhelmingly, everyone thought it was well overdue that we created an official learning and development program and training experience.

I heard from some of our sales team members that this training was superior to company training programs they've had before at larger institutions.”

Mike Pallad, President, Modern Luxury

In addition to helping Modern Luxury sales teams prepare for conversations with customers, pitch certifications help make onboarding new sales team members a breeze. The certification program on Wonderwerk has also been incorporated into the onboarding process, so that new hires no longer need to be trained on it individually by their managers. Now sales team managers can focus on what they do best and leave the onboarding to the Wonderwerk platform.

“The Wonderwerk platform has saved so many people across our organization so much time and effort.

Using Wonderwerk makes our training programs consistent across all of the markets
. It also saves us time, because the training responsibilities don’t fall on sales teams anymore.

We are really excited about rolling out new trainings for our salespeople, and all of our team members.”

Raquel Cadourcy, CMO, Modern Luxury

“From an investment perspective, you can't beat the Wonderwerk platform and the hands-on guidance along the way.”

Mike Pallad, President, Modern Luxury

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