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Tech sales teams
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Simon Aurik

“Virtuagym reduced ramp time by 50%”

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David Anderson
Head of Sales
Babbel for Business

“Babbel closed 40% more deals”

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Michael Pallad
Modern Luxury

“Modern Luxury certified the team 2x faster”

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What makes us

Virtuagym reduced ramp time by 50%

Engineer & Co Founder
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Forto increased conversion rates by 15%

Manager & Co Founder
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Modern Luxury saved 200 hours of training time

Modern Luxury
Sales & Co Founder
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There isn’t a shortage of developers and designers. There’s a surplus of founders

Emanuel France
CEO & Co Founder
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No, people aren’t getting any smarter or harder-working. But the amount of leverage is obscene

Norton Diego
Sales Person
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All sorts of businesses are being built by violating assumptions about the privacy of data

Denisa Fryma
Support Engineer
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Too many entrepreneurs go after tiny markets and then charge too little to really make a difference

Bjorda Bonie
CEO & Co Founder
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Skill profiles that identify areas for improvement

See what separates your top performers and how much more revenue you could make with better sales training software

CRM integration

Analyze conversion rates to see where your team is dropping deals

180° Reviews

Managers & reps review where they need to improve

Templates that make training easy

Off-the-shelf training programs for every stage of your sales process (prospecting, cold calling, discovery, demos, negotiation etc.)

Best content

Make every detail perfect & limit the number of details.

Time saving tasks

Make every detail perfect & limit the number of details.


Content from the best sales trainers in the tech industry


Add internal training docs to make the training specific to your industry

Role-play a negotiation


Recent objections

Answer question

Pitch the product

Video Assignment

Share best practices

Team Session

Do you understand our targets?


Assessments proven to help reps close

Sales reps put new skills into practice immediately to make sure the training sticks

Best content

Make every detail perfect & limit the number of details.

Time saving tasks

Make every detail perfect & limit the number of details.

Interactive assessments

Qualitative and quantitative assessments designed for tech sales

to real deals

Apply training to real deals in the pipeline to increase conversions

Analytics that show impact on revenue

Track improvements over time and show your team how much more money they're making to keep them motivated

Best content

Make every detail perfect & limit the number of details.

Time saving tasks

Make every detail perfect & limit the number of details.


Compare reps over time to see patterns and areas for improvement

conversion rates

See how much reps have improved on key skills and KPIs

Loved by remote sales teams

Steffen Stoltmann

Sales Director

“We reduced ramp time by 25% by repeating key parts of the training using Wonderwerk’s assessments and skills certifications.”

Jonny Fianu

Head of Revenue Operations
Comply Advantage

“Wonderwerk is easy to set up & configure. It also comes with a skills library out of the box. When you combine this the competitive pricing & stellar customer service we were blown away by the value and are excited to select Wonderwerk to support our learning initiatives! ”

Moritz Sander

Sales Strategy & Operations
Urban Sports Club

“We operate in 5 different countries and we had 5 different ways of training our sales team. Wonderwerk helped us standardise training to get more consistent results.”

Andrea Ratzenberger

VP of Sales & Marketing

“We have been very satisfied with Wonderwerk. The way how they have conceived their training programs suit our process nicely and it is easy to use. On top they offer additional training courses to complement our internal ones. To conclude very reactive and helpful service.”

Monica K.

Operations & Insights Project Manager

“Amazing Product! user friendly and gives you exactly what you need. Excellent experience from the first talks up until helping implement it working really closely with us and the support/continuous guidance has been excellent.”

Jessica Keen

Head of Sales EMEA

“Great business and neat product for sales enablement. Really positive experience working with the Wonderwerk team and great feedback from the sales team.”