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Loved by sales teams
at fast growing tech companies

Steffen Stoltmann
Sales Manager
We reduced ramp time by 25% by repeating key parts of the training using Wonderwerk’s assessments and skills certifications.
Sam Killworth
Sales Manager
I used to spend about 80% of my time on training. Wonderwerk helped me save about 7 hours a week by automating the most repetitive parts of my training.
Moritz Sander
Sales Strategy & Operations
Urban Sports Club
We operate in 5 different countries and we had 5 different ways of training our sales team. Wonderwerk helped us standardise training to get more consistent results.
Did you know that 70% of training is forgotten within 5 days? Read the article

ramp time

Customisable training programs that allow reps to practice key sales skills like pitching, demos and negotiation to make sure training sticks.


Save time

Out of the box sales training with world-class content. Automate repetitive training sessions and re-use content to streamline sales training.

Role-play a negotiation


Pitch the product

Video Assignment

Key stages of our sales process

Text Assignment

Write a basho email

Text Assignment

Do you understand our targets?


Drive consistency

Standardised processes that help you get more predictable revenue from global teams.


Close skill gaps

Understand each employee’s strengths and weaknesses. Identify areas for improvement across your entire team.


Measure performance

Connect training to real-world performance to demonstrate the ROI of great training.

See the whole picture

Digitize your training and let the data do the work for you

Share best practices

New learners can now master their training faster by getting the best responses from their peers. Build your knowledge base effortlessly.

Easy to setup

Getting started takes minutes, not months. Wonderwerk comes with pre-built training programs for the most important sales skills. Easily add your own content to our libraries.

Certify skills with
video & screen recordings

Pitch and demo certifications are made simple with video and screen recordings. Share best practices so your team can learn from each other.

Custom scorecards

Leave feedback for employees using customisable scorecards. We recommend criteria for your reviews or you can make your own.

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