Our values

People change jobs every two years.
We believe there's a better way to train them.

Continuous learning


Team first

Radical candour

Leadership team

Till Leinen
(Chief Executive Officer)

Prior to starting Wonderwerk, Till worked for a digital training company. He saw first-hand how quickly jobs were changing and saw the opportunity for a more scalable solution for educating employees.

Bowen Moody
(Chief Commerical Officer)

Prior to starting Wonderwerk, Bowen changed career several times - working in consulting, agencies, corporates and startups. He expects this kind of job mobility to be more common and wants to make sure that people are set up for success in their new role.

Rouven Herzog
(Chief Technology Officer)

Prior to starting Wonderwerk, Rouven worked as a developer in education technology sector. As an avid learner himself, he wanted to build a more employee-centric approach to training.

Stefano Zorzi
(Board Member)

Stefano is a partner in Founders AS, a Copenhagen based company builder that builds tech products for the future of work. Stefano has started over 15 companies and brings unique insight into the way that technology is changing the way we work.